When you start looking for a therapist to treat you during pregnancy you will find a divide between those who will treat you during the first trimester; and those who will not.  Whilst there is no evidence that reflexology or healing etc. can affect a pregnancy, it really comes down to therapist choice; therapist training and also client choice.    


Without sounding vague, I work on a client by client basis, working together to decide what is best.  Some ladies like to wait till all the nausea and tiredness has cleared and start treatments with me after their first trimester. Some also like to have seen their first scan beforehand just to know everything is going to plan. Whereas other ladies, normally second time Mums, feel much more confident and like to continue with treatments from the start. For me, it really is about personal choice on both sides.

Pregnancy is such a precious journey and often a tiring one. Whatever steps a woman can take to look after herself during this time can be vaulable to her growing baby; the birth; and her recovery afterwards.


It is a time when a woman's body will go through huge hormonal and physical changes to accommodate a growing baby and, with these changes, a range of different symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, morning sickness, heightened emotions, aches and pains can occur.


Through all stages of pregnancy, proper antenatal care from either a GP or local midwife should be received.  For full details, please visit the NHS website at NHS/pregnancy.

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All of the therapies I work with are safe to use during a healthy pregnancy and in the lead up to birth itself.   Many pregnant ladies find treatnents offer a valuable complementary support alongside their medical care, helping them cope both emotionally and physically in different ways:


Reflexology is often chosen during pregnancy for deep relaxation, reducing stress or tension and helping to improve distrupted sleep.  It can also relieve aching or swollen feet caused by the extra weight of a growing baby. As the arrival of baby comes nearer, reflexology and deep relaxation can also be invaluable for labour itself. After the birth, reflexology can be very supportive to the exhausted Mum and a small study shows it can also aid milk production (* see reference link below). For convenience, I always offer to treat Mum and baby together, at no extra cost, until baby is 12 months old.


Healing and Meditation can help clear the mind and calm the nerves.  With my first pregnancy I never used any relaxation techniques at all during labour and felt very disconnected from my body.  However, second time round, I used lots of visualisation techniques which helped me relax and stay in control.  As a result, this delivery was a completely different experience.  I teach my clients to use such techniques for their own labour if they want to.


Flower Essences are a gentle way to help balance the emotions.  Whilst some ladies cruise through pregnancy, the surges of hormones and pressures on our physical body can create a range of emotions for others.  Some may feel teary, exhausted, fearful or low in mood and this is where I find flower essences invaluable.    They are completely safe to use throughout pregnancy and on babies too. I have personally used them for a number of years and on myself, and my own children, since the day they were born.


*Reflexology study on milk production carried out by Iran J Nurs Midwifery Sept-Oct 2018.  View article at: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

If you take a look at my Facebook Page, you can see some genuine reviews from clients who have felt benefit from the treatments they have had with me.   However, if you would like to book an appointment, or speak to me in person, please click over to my CONTACT ME page for details on how to get in touch.