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I first started training in healing, or "energy work" in  2003 without actually knowing what it was.  In my haste to become a Holistic Therapist, I just booked the first course on the list which proved to be Reiki level 1.   I actually thought it was a massage workshop!


During this somewhat magical weekend, I had a whole new world opened to me.  Till this point, I believed we were all just a physical body of skin, bones. tissues and cells.  Yet, here, I was introduced to our "energetic" selves; a system not visible to the human eye, but very much part of what I now identify as our "life force" system; or, in simpler terms, the energy which makes us living beings.


Since that weekend, I have gone on to study Reiki at all levels, including Karuna Reiki® which works at a deeply compassionate level.  I have studied the aura and chakra system in great detail using crystal healing.  And, I have trained in foundation level kinesiology to cover the Chinese Five Element and merdian system.

What To Expect During A Treatment

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Flower Essences & Guided Meditation


Because of my extensive, and somewhat eclectic, mix of healing training I now call myself a healing practitioner rather than a Reiki Master, or Crystal Healing Practitioner etc. etc.  I very much work inuitively during my treatments, working with whatever tools or methods I think will work best for the client at that moment in time.

Training in the healing arts has taken me on a spiritual path and I use meditation and visualisation as part of my daily life to keep me connected to that journey.   Equally, I find meditation keeps my mind calm, which is beneficial for every day of life.  Meditation also helps me to keep a clear mind so I can stay focussed when carrying out treatments.


For those clients who are stuck in a negative mindset, or experiencing emotional traumas such as grief, or hurt, I sometimes suggest adding in a guided meditiation as part of a reflexology or healing treatment if they want to.   I just find it can be a very effective way to let go of the circumstances, or at least encourage a more positive outlook.  Flower Essences are a great help with this too.


In 2020 I hope to return to my group mediation sessions in Galleywood.   Further details will be on this page as soon as this becomes available.  

The first treatment starts with a short consultation to discuss medical history and anything that may be causing stress or concern. This 15 minute conversation helps me understand which technique(s) would be best to use.


Clients then relax on my therapy couch with socks & shoes removed.  I then just lay my hands on different parts of the body which relate to different energy systems - e.g. chakras, meridians, or the aura.  I cannot chat during treatments as I am keeping my mind focussed, so clients normally doze away until the treatment has finished.


As clients become more relaxed, they can have a range of experiences during a healing or meditation treatment. Some feel warmth coming through my hands; others see light or a range of colours.   For some, an emotional release may occur such as a burst of laughter or a few tars.   All of this is quite normal (for me!) and usually passes quite quickly.


Each treatment lasts about 45 minutes - 1 hour in total as I discuss any relevant Aftercare Advice after the treatment, so clients can continue to support their wellbeing at home.  This may include trying some meditation techniques at home, or taking a flower rememdy.

If you take a look at my Facebook Page, you can see some genuine reviews from clients who have felt benefit from the treatments they have had with me.   However, if you would like to book an appointment, or speak to me in person, please click over to my CONTACT ME page for details on how to get in touch.