Taking Care Of Yourself After A Treatment

When you have a reflexology treatment it normally leaves you feeling incredibly relaxed.  However, some clients notice other responses for a few days following a treatment such as feeling more tired than normal, feeling a bit shivery or emotional. or even noticing some symptoms increase such as aches or pains.


These changes normally pass over the course of a few days and, as a therapist, I actually see them as positive signs that the body is trying to naturally rebalance itself.  However, you can help yourself further by following these guidelines and for as long as possible following a treatment:

Avoid overloading the body with stimulants such as alcohol, tea, coffee, or other caffiienated drinks. Intstead, drink plenty of water (or herb teas such as nettle, or peppermint) each day.  


Eat healthy meals with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables - things that are easy for the body to digest.


If you feel more tired than usual, listen to your body and take plenty of rest.  Sleep more if you need to.

Finally, please remember that holistic (or complementary) therapies are NOT a replacement for medical care. Please continue to see your Consultant or GP regarding your own health concerns.  If you take any medications for specific conditions, please continue to follow your GP's guidelines and monitor your symptoms following a treatment. Should you need any further advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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