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Support For Couples Preparing To Conceive

Having experienced difficulties myself, I know how stressful trying for a baby can be.  Especially when conception seems to happen instantly for some, and others just find themselves in limbo, with no straight forward explanation as to why they cannot conceive naturally.


It is a well known fact that stress and worry can start to disrupt hormonal functions within the body.  For some, that stress can be caused by long working hours, or a hectic lifestyle. But, for others, the stress can be caused by the all consuming worry of things not quite going to plan.


So, whilst Holstic and Complementary Therapies are not a way of guaranteeing a pregnancy, they do provide an opportunity to escape from any stress or worry that can accompany the conception journey.   And, based on my own experiences, and my professional training, I feel I can work compassionately and knowledgeably with couples who are in this situation.

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The Therapies I Work With

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 Sue Hamblin fmar

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