Things To Know Before A Treatment

If you are having a reflexology or healing treatment with me for the first time, please be aware that you may  feel incredibly relaxed and possibly tired afterwards.  Some clients notice other responses such as feeling a bit emotional or even shivery.   This is all quite normal and I  will explain this to you in more detail when I see you.   You can also find full details on my After A Treatment page.


I do however like to advise new clients of the following before we meet for the first time so they can be prepared and get the most from their treatment:  

  • When booking your treatment with me, make sure you choose a time where you can have a chilled day or evening ahead of you so you do not "undo" the benefits of the treatment.


  • Avoid a day when you are due to go out for a heavy meal or a night on the tiles.  Allow yourself some time to go to bed earlier if you feel the need.  

My home based therapy practice is registered with Essex County Council Trading Standards and is located in the Galleywood Road, Chelmsford (by the Running Mare pub), just 1 minute from the Galleywood / Stock / Billericay (B1007) exit from the A12.  There is plenty of parking for clients on my drive and I will supply a map and instructions when we confirm our first booking.  

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Where To Find Me

Payment Methods Accepted

Payment for treatments can be made by cash on arrival or by bank transfer in advance. I do not accept card payments due to the associated bank charges.


Please be aware that I only issue gift vouchers for existing clients who have previously had a treatment with me.   This ensures my treatment(s) are suitable for the person receiving the voucher.  

Reasons Why You May Need To Cancel Your Appointment

If you fall ill shortly before, or on the day of our booking, please let me know as soon as possible.   In certain cases, I may not be able to treat you either because you could be contagious, or the treatment could make you feel worse! So please contact me if you are showing signs of any of the following:


  • You have a fever or a temperature

  • You are showing signs of, or recovering from, the flu

  • You feel sick, or have been sick, or had an upset stomach within the last 24 hours

  • You have a migraine

  • You have a contagious condition such as chicken pox, shingles, or impetigo


Also, if you are due to undergo medical tests close to the date of your treatment please let me know as it may be better to rearrange our session for another date.

My Cancellation Policy

Should an emergency crop up and I need to cancel a booking, I will do my utmost to give at least 24 hours notice and I ask clients to do the same wherever possible.   This gives both of us enough time to reschedule our plans and gives me the option to offer a cancelled session to another client on the waiting list.  In cases of repeated cancellations, please be aware that I will suggest clients wait till they are ready to commit to regular sessions before rebooking.