My name is Sue Hamblin and I'm a Reflexologist working with foot, facial and hand reflexology.  I'm also trained in foundation level kinesiology and other energy based healing modalities which enables me to combine my treatments with flower essences, guided meditations, gentle healing or meridian work.


I first became interested in holistic and complementary therapies in the late 1990's during a period of poor health.  In a quest to improve my wellbeing, I first rectified my diet with the help of a Nutritionist. I then went on to use kinesiology, reflexology, meditation and healing to support me on my road to recovery. The benefits I gained from these were so valuable to me that I began training in them in 2003. Since then, I've continued to develop my skills in wellbeing so I can use different combinations of treatments to support my clients.


Fellow Member of the Association of Reflexologists  

Registered Therapy Practice with Essex County Council Trading Standards


Mobile: 07796 405312

The  treatments I work with can support wellbeing in many different ways:


  • they encourage deep relaxation and help the body unwide from the pressures of daily life

  • they reduce the impact of stress - a well known contributor of many health problems

  • they improve sleep patterns

  • they have a positive effect on emotional and mental wellbeing

  • they are safe to use alongside conventional medicine during times of illness, injury or supported conception

  • they are also supportive during times of natural change such as:


Preparing to conceive         Pregnancy & post Birth        Pre & post menopause


Please note: Whilst all the treatments I offer are safe to use with most medical conditions, I still recommend you advise your GP, Medical Consultant, or Midwife that you are considering reflexology alongside your medical care. It is so important to use reflexology to complement your existing medical support rather than replace it - hence it is often referred to as a "Complementary Therapy."

How can complementary therapies support your wellbeing?

Thank you - Sue Hamblin

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How to contact me

Feel free to browse through the different pages of my website for more details on my reflexology practice.  If you would like to book an appointment, or speak to me in person, please visit my CONTACT ME page where you will find details on how to get in touch.


Working With The Face, Feet & Hands

Sue Hamblin fmar

Reflexologist & Healing Practitioner

to encourage a positive mindset and natural wellbeing

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 Sue Hamblin fmar

Foot, Facial & Hand Reflexologist

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